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Date : 10/04/2009
Name : Walter Langøen
Location : West Coast of Norway
Message : I just love cherry tomatoes produced in Israel. They are filled with sun and taste. 1. class ! Keep it up ! All the best from Norway.
Date : 30/12/2008
Name : Egla Zapata
Location : Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Message : Estimados Israelimages, es un placer escribirles. Me encanta mucho todo lo relacionado con Israel, es una forma de visitar ese País que amo mucho. Dios declaró en su palabra que Benditos los que bendigan esta Tierra y que mediante el pueblo israelí, serán benditas todas la familias de la tierra. Gen. 12:3
Date : 29/11/2008
Name : Ami Laws, M.D.
Location : Palo Alto, CA, USA
Message : Dear Israelimages, My 8 year old daughter is busy building a replica of this Ethiopian synagogue for a school project at Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School. It is image 666 at She needs to know something about the history of this synagogue. Can you help her? She would be very grateful. I have searched the internet for hours and turned up nothing. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Ami - P.S. This is a very beautiful image.
Date : 26/10/2008
Name : Cleide Souza
Location : São Paulo /Brazil
Message : Shalom.................. I learn must your site,I wish for all you sucess and leritraot Israel( I Was here in august this year).Bye.Cleide
Date : 01/10/2008
Name : Matt Christman
Location : USA
Message : You have a great website and I hope to order again soon. Thanks. Matt Christman
Date : 24/09/2008
Name : Mrs Moryoussef
Location : Watermark comment
Message : hello Israelimages-team, congratulations for the new "web-look", I like to send my e-mails with these wonderful israel pictures. I realy don't like the places of the written "israelimages" at the 4 cornes - for me it would be much more esthetique/attractive with the title across the picture from one corner to the diagonal opposite corner. OK that's my feeling. a happy, peaceful new year
Date : 15/09/2008
Name : Pam
Location : USA
Message : Lamplighter September - October 2008: There is a picture of an Orthodox Jewish soldier praying. My father was so compelled by this picture to pray for this soldier. He has one question though, "Does anyone know if that soldier is okay?" My father does not have email and I agreed to send an email to you. Thank you for your response. Kind Regards, Pam
Date : 14/09/2008
Name : Bledar
Location : Albania
Message : Shalom from Albania! My name is Bledar and I am from Albania and I like to know more about Israel also to see more photos from Israel. Bledar
Date : 22/08/2008
Name : Gloria W. Kohlmann
Location : Longwood Fla., USA
Message : Thank you Oh Lord! These pictures are powerful and awesome!!! Thank you. I will send e-copies as they are completed this year.... Working together for PEACE one day! gloria k
Date : 08/07/2008
Name : Nancy Moodie
Location : USA
Message : I have long admired your beautiful and unique work. I would like to know what I need to do in order to have permission to use images in my Kindergarten classroom. It is my desire to enable my students to see real photos of Israel, the land and people. You are the best source of those images that I have found. Please let me know the process and cost of using these images.
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