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Date : 10/01/2011
Name : Cleide Souza
Location : São Paulo/Brasil
Message : Dear Le Shana Tovah for all Israeli,God bless this land and all people.
Date : 02/01/2011
Name : Anna Mirne
Location : Seattle, USA
Message : Sirs, I didn't know that Israel is so extraordinary. As I watch the pictures, I'm seeing Israel in a different light. Thank you for the Biblical views that are so close to my heart. You made my day. Anna
Date : 10/02/2010
Name : Pushkaraj Gudhe
Location : Mumbai, India
Message : Sir, I want Torah copy for studing, how can I get that? Gudhe
Date : 06/01/2010
Name : Cleide Souza
Location : Brasil
Message : Le Shana Tova 2010. Lehitraot. I love Israel and I was many times here. Shalom. Cleide from Brasil.
Date : 01/01/1970
Name : Kevin Hill
Location : Ireland
Message : Thank you so much for the wonderful collection. I enjoyed the easy navigation. Keep on the good work! we need more sites like yours. G-d bless, Kevin
Date : 22/11/2009
Name : Chaya Kotler
Location : Israel
Message : It was a very moving surprise to discover myself and my family photos on you site. Nonetheless, it always gives me great pleasure to see images from early days of the state of Israel. Thanks. PS. Can you,please, help me find more photos taken by Zeev Deckel?
Date : 27/10/2009
Name : Nganji Ange
Location : Kigali, Rwanda
Message : i am glad to find and watch these images from Israel, they are wonderful as i like ISRAEL naturally too. Shalom al ISRAEL.
Date : 01/01/1970
Name : Tibor Munji
Location : Debrecen, Hungary
Message : I will be happy to see more pictures of Jewish life from Hungary. You have very nice website.
Date : 03/09/2009
Name : Elliot Sinclair
Location : Dublin, Ireland
Message : How refreshing is to view your pictures! Thank you for the experience to visit your site. Greetings from Dublin and bless you!
Date : 05/06/2009
Name : Annette Rousseau
Location : Toulouse
Message : Sirs, Seeing these pictures drive me to work harder to come for a visit and see all those fascinating images that I see on your website. Thank you for the fantastic collection.
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