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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Israelimages offers you to e-mail pictures of Israel from this site as E-Cards, to anyone, for free.
In order to send your friend an E-card, please do this:

1. Enter a keyword at the search box or pick up a picture from the ‘Pictures’ at the top menu
2. You’ll get your picture results as thumbnails
3. Move between the pages of the results and double-click on your choice
4. An enlarged version of the picture opens up
5. Below the picture is a link ‘Send E-Card’. Click it
6. Follow the options for fonts, color etc, and fill in the required fields with your name,
    message, greetings or whatever
7. Click the ‘view postcard’ link

If you’re happy with what you see, send it. You may reverse and change your card from a scratch.
You are welcome to send as many as E-Cards as you like, for every occasion and to anyone you care for, anytime.
(The recipient of your card will be able to follow up and send e-cards to others…).
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